Spanish Translation Services

Spanish and English Translation - Full Service

The Accurate Translator, LLC prides itself in being a FULL-SERVICE English - Spanish translation service. As a full service agency, we offer English - Spanish document translation as well as verbal consecutive interpretation for Spanish to English as well as from English to Spanish. Verbal services also apply to voice over talent for radio, television, meetings, presentations and PBX recordings.

Spanish - English Document Translation

Our in-house staff consists of only professional English to Spanish as well as Spanish to English translators. We employ only native speakers of the target language who have more than 5 years translation experience as our translators.

There are different levels of translation and each has its place in industry. The Accurate Translator only distinguishes a few different service levels in Spanish - English translation services. First, we offer Standard Translation which is ideal for individuals or organizations who will be doing the 'fine tuning' of the text their self or for short, informal correspondence. Translations of this level have been spell-checked and lightly edited. The next level is the Edited and Proofed Translation. This level should be used for shorter formal documents or for text to be used directly in any application with confidence that no additional editing is needed. This process involves translation by a native in the target language and editing by a native in the source language. Lastly, proofing involves an internal or external 3rd party proofing to carefully compare and contrast the source document with the target document making any final changes where is necessary.

Optional Typesetting / Desktop Publishing Service

For simple manuals, letters, or public legal documents, typesetting is usually either figured into the initial pricing or included. For more complex documents involving pamphlets or brochures, additional typesetting or setup fees may apply.

Programs utilized for typesetting include any version of Microsoft Word as well as Adobe InDesign or Illustrator. Any of these file types can be compressed into the popular PDF document format.

Areas of Translation Specialization
The Accurate Translator, LLC has worked with many diverse organization and industries since it has started. Different areas include: construction, banking, legal, tour & travel, hospitality, finance, real estate, automotive, chemical, medical, shipping, insurance, pharmaceutical, non-profit, government, retail, agriculture, industrial, manufacturing and computer.

Different commonly translated document we have worked on include:

  • Human resource related documents - OSHA regulations and manuals, workplace policy manuals, drug and alcohol testing policies, sexual harassment guidelines, insurance, health benefits forms, and job applications.
  • Public legal documents - Any USCIS requested translations for the immigration process including birth certificates, marriage licenses, marriage certificates, divorce rulings, death certificates, police background checks, medical records, automotive titles
  • Educational documents - Translation of high school and college or university transcripts, diplomas, certificates of completion, secondary school records. If you are required to have the transcript or diploma professionally evaluated, Career Consulting International will be happy to provide you a quote for that service.
  • Legal documents - Real estate documents, foreign trusts (fiduciarios), divorce settlements, powers of attorney, litigation
  • Medical - all forms, pre and post surgery instructions, articles, and brochures

The above is a partial list and not all inclusive of the different areas handled by the Accurate Translator, LLC.

Spanish - English Consecutive Verbal Interpretation - Ideal for Meetings

Consecutive translation for English-Spanish or Spanish-English involves the process by which a translator conveys a phrase or idea and immediately following, it is interpreted by the translator. This requires a brief pause from the speaker as opposed to simultaneous translation which typically requires special headsets, speakers and multiple translators. Simultaneous translation is similar to what is seen at the United Nations meetings and involves a significant cost in personnel and equipment.

Spanish - English International or National Phone Interpretation

3-Way teleconferncing is available to most countries in Latin America and Spain. Very inexpensive rates. No additional fees for national or international long distance. All calls are initiated by the Accurate Translator, LLC.

Voice Talent

Native male or female voices for: PBX recordings, radio and video advertisements are available for your studio recording sessions.

Localization & Globalization - Website Translation

Specialized localization services requires one to be intimately familiar with both the Hispanic and North American cultures. Rest assured we are always vigilant in keeping an eye out for your best interest. In the event we spot something expressed properly in one language yet ill-sounding or culturally incorrect in the other, we will be sure to make you aware and offer suggestions as to remedy the situation.

Localisation and Globalisation services involves not only translating and making sure a website's text is culturally relevant, but also we will update all heading tags (meta names, titles) and graphic alt names. New sitemap.xml and ror.xml will also be created.

Foreign SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services:

With the number of websites out there nowadays, you need every advantage to distinguish yourself from the competition. We create an an overall strategy to improve webpage ranking. Special reports are run to help determine key search terms associated with your individual website page's ultimate goal. Once that is determined, our proven techniques and strategies will edit your site's text, meta name tags, ect. that will ultimate improve your webpages' visibility and improve search results.

The Growing Need for a Translation Partner

The need for English - Spanish translation services is growing at an incremental rate in the United States. Based in Phoenix, AZ, The Accurate Translator, LLC is ideally located to handle the ever increasing translation needs of the Southwestern United States and the world as a whole.

The Accurate Translator, LLC patiently helps all clients big and small alike, while always providing a quality product in a timely fashion.

Quotes and Pricing

If you require a quote on a project, please contact us or simply fill out the form on this next page. All our translations result in balanced, clearly understandable and linguistically correct finished projects (or target document) following the original layout and format of the source document.